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WELCOME TO Faux Finishes- Ragging, Dragging, Trompe L'Oeil, Graining, Gessso - Your Best Resources For Trompe L'oeil

  • Faux Painting: Choosing Your Faux Finish
    Faux Painting is the fastest growing form of decorative painting there is. If you are reading this article, you’ve probably been searching the web to find the most affordable and easiest way to “do it yourself”. There are a lot of different faux finishing techniques besides the well known sponging or ragging, but before you decide to start any project or buy any faux painting tools, there are a few important things that should be thought out cl Read More...
  • Decorative Painting
    You’ve probably been to houses that have a unique feel to them just because one of the walls in the living room had been done decoratively. A wall could be color blocked, given a marble effect, or, perhaps just sponged. These techniques are not as complicated as they sound. Color blocking involves painting different blocks of colors of varying sizes onto a particular wall. A thing to remember if you are using this decorative form in your living Read More...
  • Faux Paint Finish Can Be Partly Wiped On And Off, Or Manipulated In Other Ways
    Paint applications that are designed to imitate other materials are called faux paint finish. Different methods are used to apply paints, glazes, and texturizing materials to create illusions of fabric, stone, wood, and other natural surfaces. Depending on how it is used, most often it is applied by hand tools with a variety of paintbrushes, sea sponges, putty knives, and cotton rags. There are many ways to vary this technique, and it really is Read More...